Our School

Principal's Welcome

What a special school we have created here at Malmsbury Primary School. A place where we all, students, staff and parents, are supported to achieve our best. 

Our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Inclusiveness are upheld by us all and are visible in our daily actions and choices.

We take pride in the care with which we plan for our individual student learning needs and have strong, positive home partnerships with parents and caregivers. 

Our teaching is informed by best practice and highly effective teaching strategies. Dedicated literacy and numeracy blocks across the school support our students to have time to practice new skills, to apply new learning and to connect it to prior learning.

Inquiry learning connects our students with local and global issues and develops their ability and capacity to see how they can make a difference. We want all our students to know that they are valued members of our community and that they can contribute in many ways.

We have a comprehensive social emotional learning program that creates a supportive school culture focussed on wellbeing and teaching our students strategies they will be able to use all their lives.  

At Malmsbury Primary School, we are learning with a view to the future.

Carolyn Tavener