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Education for Sustainability Policy and Action Plan Updated October 2020

Complaints Policy 2023 MPS Complaints policy 2023

Health Care Needs Policy 2019

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy 2019

Malmsbury Parent Payment Policy 2023  Parent Payment Policy 2023

Malmsbury Visitor Policy 2023              MPS Visitors policy

Malmsbury Primary School Anti bullying policy 2019

MPS Child Safety Responding & Reporting Obligations Policy & Procedures – MPS Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures

Malmsbury Primary School Child Safety Policy – MPS Child_Safety_Policy

Malmsbury Primary School Child Safe Code of Conduct – MPS Child Safe Code of Conduct

MPS School Action Plan-Aboriginal Learning Wellbeing & Safety – MPS School Action Plan-Aboriginal-Learning-Wellbeing-and-Safety

MPS Catastrophic Rating Closure procedure – MPS Catastrophic rating closure procedures 2023

Mobile Phones Policy MPS

Uniform Policy 2018

Malmsbury Primary School OSHC Parent Handbook

Malmsbury Primary School Code of Conduct

MPS Volunteer Policy  MPS Volunteer Policy

MPS Updated Child Safe Standards – Updated Child Safe Standards

Malmsbury Primary School democratic principles and philosophy 2019

2024 Parent Payment Policy – 2024 Parent Payment Policy